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Pallida, L.L.C. successor in Interest of Pharia, L.L.C. vs First National Bank Texas

Case Summary

On 08/10/2020 Pallida, L L C successor in Interest of Pharia, L L C filed an Other - Other Judgment lawsuit against First National Bank Texas. This case was filed in Tarrant County Courts, County Court At Law #2 - Tarrant County Courthouse located in Tarrant, Texas. The Judge overseeing this case is Rymell, Jennifer. The case status is Disposed - Other Disposed.
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Case Details

  • Case Number:


  • Filing Date:


  • Case Status:

    Disposed - Other Disposed

  • Case Type:

    Other - Other Judgment

  • County, State:

    Tarrant, Texas

Judge Details


Rymell, Jennifer


Party Details


successor in Interest of Pharia, L.L.C.

Pallida, L.L.C.


B/S Any President, Vice-President, or Branch Manager

First National Bank Texas

Attn; James Meredith Or wherever it may be found

Attorney/Law Firm Details

Plaintiff Attorney

Yonatan Zeev Gerber

Defendant Attorney

Samuel T Kinslow

Court Documents

Court documents are not available for this case.


Docket Entries

  • 10/15/2020
  • DocketRule 306a Notice of Final DJ or Appealable Order Index #8: Electronically served to Party's attorney and/or mailed to all pro-se parties

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  • 10/13/2020
  • DocketDispositions: Final Judgment; (Judicial Officer: Rymell, Jennifer)

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  • 10/13/2020
  • DocketFinal Judgment Index #7

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  • 10/13/2020
  • DocketJudge Docket Entry: Signed Judgment of garnishment

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  • 09/24/2020
  • DocketPaper Returned Index #5

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  • 09/23/2020
  • DocketDefendant's Original Answer Index #6: RE: Writ of Garnishment

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  • 08/11/2020
  • FinancialeFiling Payments: Receipt # CCLTF-163913: Pallida, L.L.C.: (245.00)

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  • 08/11/2020
  • FinancialFinancial Information: Plaintiff Pallida, L.L.C.; Total Financial Assessment: 245.00; Total Payments and Credits: 245.00; Balance Due: 0.00. Transaction Assessment: 245.00

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  • 08/11/2020
  • DocketWrit of Garnishment: Mailed to Attorney Office 08/12/2020; First National Bank Texas: Served: 09/17/2020; Returned: 09/22/2020

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  • 08/10/2020
  • DocketNotice Index #4: Notice to Judgment Debtor Required by Texas Supreme Court

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  • 08/10/2020
  • DocketLetter Index #3

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  • 08/10/2020
  • DocketOriginal Petition - Post Garnishment Index #2: Plaintiff's Application for Writ of Garnishment

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  • 08/10/2020
  • DocketOriginal Petition - Post Garnishment Index #1

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