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Thank you for submitting your Public Records Removal Request. A verification email has been sent to the email address you provided. Please follow the instructions in the verification email to complete your request. You have 14 days to verify your email address, and your request will not be processed until your email has been verified.

Public Records Removal Request

  • UniCourt believes in open access to public records and publicly available information. Open access to public records, especially court records, is a necessary element of any democratic system. It permits the public to monitor and participate in court proceedings, promotes public confidence in our legal system by allowing citizens to scrutinize judicial power, and enhances the truth findings function of our courts.
  • UniCourt follows the well articulated federal and state public policies that promote open access to public records. Public records by law are open to inspection, examination, and copying by the public. There are no “private facts” in public records unless they have been sealed by a court order. We do not knowingly post sealed records. If you would like to view our Public Records Policy click here.
  • UniCourt also strives to respect the privacy of people who wish not to have their public record published by us. Therefore, on each record we publish, we provide a clear process for people to follow if they would like to submit a Public Records Removal Request to remove (de-index) a record from the internet search engines (Google, Bing, etc.). Factors we typically consider when evaluating a request include, but are not limited to, the following:
    • Has the record been sealed or expunged by a court order?
    • Does the record expose the requestor to an increased risk of physical harm?
    • Is the requestor a victim of identity theft, and is the record a result of this theft?
    • Does the record concern and adversely affect a minor?
  • UniCourt only considers Public Records Removal Requests that provide all the required information, including email verification, identity verification, and applicable supporting documentation. Further, we only consider requests submitted by a party to the public record, a legal guardian or fiduciary of a party to the record, or an attorney representing a party to the record.
  • UniCourt does not charge for submitting or processing a Public Records Removal Request. If someone is charging you for removing a record we have published, you can submit a request for free directly through us.
  • Please note that even if UniCourt removes a public record, it still may be publicly and privately available in other repositories and can only be sealed by a court order. We are only able to remove records published by UniCourt ( and do not control what is published on other sites. If you believe a record should be sealed, then we strongly encourage you to obtain a court order to have the record sealed.
  • To submit a Public Records Removal Request, please provide the below required information. If you would like to request the removal of multiple records, you need to submit a separate request for each record.

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