Court Record Removal Request Approved

"Your Court Record Removal Request Reference Id is: "

We have approved your request to have a court record removed from the internet search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.). We have initiated the process of removal from our end. It will take about a week for the search engines to de-index. There is no further action required by you.

However, it should be noted that court records are public records and therefore open to inspection by the public. There are no "private facts" in court records unless they have been sealed by a court order. Therefore, we reserve the right to deny a request, not make a decision on a request, or republish an approved request in on our sole discretion.

There is a well-established judicial principle that has recognized the positive role played by allowing public access to court records. Public access to court records permits the public to monitor and participate in such proceedings. Public access can assist the general public in fact finding on certain subject matters. It can also provide an effective restraint on individuals, corporations, and the judicial system itself to curtail potential abuses in judicial proceedings. The United States Supreme Court, federal courts, and state courts have all endorsed the concept of free and open access to court proceedings and court records. It has been found that such access promotes public confidence in such governmental proceedings by providing a means by which citizens can scrutinize judicial power and enhance the truth findings function of the court.

Court Record Removal Request Submitted

Court Record Removal Request