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Batson et al v. RIM San Antonio Acquisition, LLC et al

Case Summary

On 05/07/2015 Batson filed a Finance - Security/Commodity/Exchange lawsuit against RIM San Antonio Acquisition, LLC. This case was filed in U.S. District Courts, Texas Western District. The Judge overseeing this case is Robert Pitman. The case status is Not Classified By Court.

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Case Details

  • Case Number:


  • Filing Date:


  • Case Status:

    Not Classified By Court

  • Case Type:

    Finance - Security/Commodity/Exchange

  • Court:

    U.S. District Courts

  • Courthouse:

    Texas Western District

Judge Details

Presiding Judge

Robert Pitman


Party Details


William Langer and Susan Flickinger Gokey Foundation, Inc.

William Langer Gokey

David Douthat

Quentin Kramer

Barry Batson

Charles Mortimer

James Wilson

Worthington Enterprises, Inc.

Michael Solkow


Bighorn Capital, Inc.

Robert R. Entler

Sichenzia Ross Friedman Ference LLP

RIM San Antonio Acquisition, LLC

RIM Investment Group LLC

Scott Morgan

Attorney/Law Firm Details

Plaintiff Attorneys

Alexander S. Valdes

Attorney at Winstead PC

401 Congress Ave., Suite 2100

Austin, TX 78701

James G. Ruiz

Attorney at Winstead PC

401 Congress Avenue Suite 2100

Austin, TX 78701

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