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Pratt v. Walmart Inc

Case Summary

On October 15, 2021, Ryan Preston Pratt (“Plaintiff”), represented by Danny K. Shadid of Riggs Abney Neal Turpen Orbison Lewis-OKC, filed a personal injury lawsuit against Walmart, Inc. (“Defendant”), seeking monetary relief and punitive damages along with costs of this action among other relief for the alleged negligence of Defendants. This case was filed in the United States District Court in the Western District of Oklahoma with Judge Timothy D. DeGiusti presiding. 


In the complaint, Plaintiff alleged that, “The plaintiff arrived at the Supercenter in Shawnee, Oklahoma, on July 21, 2018, prior to or approaching 12:30 a.m. The plaintiff was alone. He parked in Supercenter parking lot approximately 3-4 parking spaces closest to the front entrance of the Supercenter” and “The plaintiff went to the Supercenter as a customer and for the purpose of picking up a few groceries and other items” The Plaintiff then alleged that, “The plaintiff exited the Supercenter building a few minutes before 1:00 a.m. and walked to his motor vehicle with his sacks of groceries. The plaintiff loaded his sacks of groceries into his vehicle.”


Plaintiff further alleged that, “The defendant has previously exhibited its recognition of the need for security on the exterior of the Supercenter and in the parking areas by its own use of security personnel and security vehicles, with flashing lights, in Walmart parking lots” and “At a time after placing the sacks of groceries in his vehicle, the plaintiff was approached by a third-party male person” The Plaintiff then alleged that, “The third-party reached out as if to attempt to shake hands with the plaintiff and asked the plaintiff if he, the third-party, could have a ride. The plaintiff was apprehensive of the third-party and attempted to back away, and declined to shake hands” and “The third-party then began physically striking the plaintiff. The plaintiff went to the ground and the third-party continued striking him in the face and head.”


Plaintiff also alleged that, “There was no security in the Supercenter parking lot during the time the plaintiff was at the Supercenter and during the time immediately prior to the attack on the plaintiff or at the actual time of the attack” and “Upon information and belief, defendant Walmart has the capability observing, in real time, the actions and conduct of individuals at the Supercenter parking lot. However, no on-duty representative of the defendant ever observed the attack upon the plaintiff by the third-party assailant or, if any such on-duty representative did observe the attack, no on-duty Walmart personnel ever reacted to the attack on the plaintiff or ever attended to the plaintiff.”


There is one claim of relief laid down by Plaintiff for the alleged negligence of Defendant as Walmart, at all pertinent times, owed a duty to the plaintiff and to other invitees at the Supercenter to provide security on, in, at and about the premises of the Supercenter,


In the prayer for relief Plaintiff requested the court for actual damages in an amount in excess of $75,000.00. Further Plaintiff also requested for medical bills in an amount of approximately $80,000.00; future medical bills in an estimated amount of $20,000.00 to $25,000.00; for physical pain and suffering, past present and future; for mental and emotional distress, past, present and future; and for permanent physical injuries along with punitive damages and cost of this action.


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    Personal Injury - Other Personal Injury

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Timothy D. DeGiusti


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Ryan Preston Pratt


Walmart Inc

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Plaintiff Attorney

Danny K Shadid

Attorney at Riggs Abney Neal Turpen Orbison Lewis-OKC

528 Nw 12Th St

Oklahoma City, OK 73103


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(#2) Summons Issued Electronically as to Walmart Inc. (kmt) (Entered: 10/15/2021)

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  • 10/15/2021
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  • Docket(#2) Summons Issued Electronically as to Walmart Inc. (kmt) (Entered: 10/15/2021)

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  • 10/15/2021
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  • Docket(#1) COMPLAINT against Walmart Inc filed by Ryan Preston Pratt. (Attachments: #1 Civil Cover Sheet)(kmt) (Entered: 10/15/2021)

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