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Case Summary

On 11/18/2019 a Civil Right - Other Civil Right case was filed by Glover against Rivas in the jurisdiction of U.S. District Courts, Michigan Eastern District.

Case Details

  • Case Number 2:19-CV-13406
  • Filing Date 11/18/2019
  • Case Status Pending - Other Pending
  • Case Type Civil Right - Other Civil Right
  • Jurisdiction U.S. District Courts
  • Judge Terrence G. Berg
  • Courthouse Michigan Eastern District

Party Details

  • Defendant Michael Kennedy
  • Defendant Stacey Purdy
  • Defendant Nurse Bills
  • Defendant Linnie Brooks
  • Defendant Ne'tesha Demyers
  • Defendant Gordon Hill
  • Defendant Nicole Pitcher
  • Defendant Joel Salinas
  • Defendant William Marsh
  • Defendant Kevin Lindsey
  • Defendant Jeffrey Utter
  • Defendant Officer Snyder
  • Defendant Jeremy Howard
  • Defendant Jennifer Norder
  • Defendant Vincent Rickman
  • Defendant Jennifer Sierminski
  • Defendant Monica Rivas
  • Defendant Christine McCumber-Hemry
  • Defendant Valerie Lashley
  • Defendant Ale Schneider

Court Documents


(#1) COMPLAINT filed by Tina Glover, Richard Glover, R. G. a...

Fees Apply

Docket Entries

  • 11/18/2019
  • (#1) COMPLAINT filed by Tina Glover, Richard Glover, R. G. against All Defendants with Jury Demand. Plaintiff requests summons issued. Receipt No: 0645-7491439 - Fee: $ 400. County of 1st Plaintiff: Jackson - County Where Action Arose: Jackson - County of 1st Defendant: Jackson. [Previously dismissed case: No] [Possible companion case(s): None] (Radner, Solomon) (Entered: 11/18/2019)

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