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S.B.R.S., Inc. v. Alex Parsinia et al

Case Summary

On 01/23/2017 S B R S , Inc filed a Property - Other Eviction lawsuit against Alex Parsinia. This case was filed in U.S. District Courts, California Central District. The Judges overseeing this case are Beverly Reid O'Connell and David T. Bristow. The case status is Not Classified By Court.
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Case Details

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  • Case Status:

    Not Classified By Court

  • Case Type:

    Property - Other Eviction

Judge Details

Presiding Judge

Beverly Reid O'Connell

Referral Judge

David T. Bristow


Party Details


S.B.R.S., Inc.


Alex Parsinia


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Plaintiff Attorney

Eric Robert Hedstrom


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Docket Entries

  • 02/07/2017
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  • (#8) ORDER REMANDING CASE TO STATE COURT by Judge Beverly Reid O'Connell. IT IS THEREFORE ORDERED that this matter be, and hereby is, REMANDED to the Superior Court of California for lack of subject matter jurisdiction. Case remanded to Superior Court of California Los Angeles County, Case number PSC1605725. Case Terminated. Made JS-6 (lom)

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