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Parshall v. Bear State Financial Inc et al

Case Summary

On 10/13/2017 Parshall filed a Finance - Security/Commodity/Exchange lawsuit against Bear State Financial Inc. This case was filed in U.S. District Courts, Arkansas Eastern District. The Judge overseeing this case is Kristine G. Baker. The case status is Not Classified By Court.
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Case Details

  • Case Number:


  • Filing Date:


  • Case Status:

    Not Classified By Court

  • Case Type:

    Finance - Security/Commodity/Exchange

  • Courthouse:

    Arkansas Eastern District

Judge Details

Presiding Judge

Kristine G. Baker


Party Details


Paul Parshall


Scott T Ford

Bear State Bank

Daniel C Horton

William J Changose

Aaron Clark

Omon Fitzgerald Hill

Frank L Conner

Dabbs Cavin

Brock Gearhart

Bear State Financial Inc

Matt Machen

Ian Robert Vaughan

Richard N Massey

Arvest Bank

John J Ghirardelli

Arvest Acquisition Sub Inc

Attorney/Law Firm Details

Plaintiff Attorneys

David G. Scott

John G. Emerson, Jr.

Defendant Attorneys

Jess L. Askew, III

Andrew King

Charles David McDaniel, Jr.

Docket Entries

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