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Tyler Miller v. Steve Watson

Case Summary

On 10/21/2020 Tyler Miller filed a Civil Right - Other Civil Right lawsuit against Steve Watson. This case was filed in U.S. Courts Of Appeals, U.S. Court Of Appeals, Ninth Circuit. The case status is Pending - Other Pending.
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Case Details

  • Case Number:


  • Filing Date:


  • Case Status:

    Pending - Other Pending

  • Case Type:

    Civil Right - Other Civil Right

  • Courthouse:

    U.S. Court Of Appeals, Ninth Circuit


Party Details

Plaintiff / Appellant

TYLER MILLER, an individual

Defendant / Appellee

STEVE WATSON, an individual

Attorney/Law Firm Details

Plaintiff / Appellant Attorneys

John D. Ostrander Esquire

William Allen Drew

Tyler Smith

Cody B. Hoesly

Defendant / Appellee Attorney

Peter R. Mersereau


Court Documents

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Case Opening Packet for Attorneys

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Mediation Letter

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Notice to All Parties and Counsel


Docketing Letter and Briefing Schedule


Docket Entries


Docket(#3) Added Attorney(s) Cody B. Hoesly for party(s) Appellant Tyler Miller, in case 20-35922. [11900209] (RR) [Entered: 11/19/2020 05:13 PM]

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Docket(#2) Filed (ECF) notice of appearance of Cody Hoesly (Larkins Vacura Kayser LLP, 121 SW Morrison Street, Suite 700, Portland, Oregon 97204) for Appellant Tyler Miller. Date of service: 11/19/2020. (Party was previously proceeding with counsel.) [11899777] [20-35922] (Hoesly, Cody) [Entered: 11/19/2020 02:56 PM]

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Docket(#1) DOCKETED CAUSE AND ENTERED APPEARANCES OF COUNSEL. SEND MQ: Yes. The schedule is set as follows: Transcript ordered by 11/20/2020. Transcript due 12/21/2020. Appellant Tyler Miller opening brief due 01/29/2021. Appellee Steve Watson answering brief due 03/01/2021. Appellant's optional reply brief is due 21 days after service of the answering brief. [11867643] (JPD) [Entered: 10/21/2020 04:04 PM]

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