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Case Summary

On 09/18/2019 a Contract - Debt Collection case was filed by PORTOFINO PLACE LTD against SHUNGLAVIA ROLLE in the jurisdiction of Florida Dade Court System, Miami-Dade County Courthouse located in Miami-Dade, Florida.

Case Details

  • Case Number XXXXXXXXXXXXXC-05
  • Filing Date 09/18/2019
  • Case Status Pending - Other Pending
  • Case Type Contract - Debt Collection
  • Jurisdiction Florida Dade Court System
  • Courthouse Miami-Dade County Courthouse
  • County Miami-Dade
  • State Florida

Party Details

  • Plaintiff PORTOFINO 572, CAMDEN
  • Represented By
    • Unrepresented
  • Represented By
    • Unrepresented
  • Represented By
    • Unrepresented

Court Documents

Court documents are not available for this case.

Docket Entries

  • 09/18/2019
  • Complaint; Event Type: Event

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