This case was last updated from Santa Clara County Superior Courts on 04/08/2021 at 22:22:59 (UTC).

Valezca Wilson vs Cross Country Staffing et al

Case Summary

On 01/31/2020 Valezca Wilson filed a Labor - Wrongful Termination lawsuit against Cross Country Staffing. This case was filed in Santa Clara County Superior Courts, Downtown Superior Court located in Santa Clara, California. The Judges overseeing this case are Mikkelsen, Laurie, Barrett, Thang N and Kirwan, Peter. The case status is Other - Transferred.

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Case Details

  • Case Number:


  • Filing Date:


  • Case Status:

    Other - Transferred

  • Case Type:

    Labor - Wrongful Termination

  • County, State:

    Santa Clara, California

Judge Details


Mikkelsen, Laurie

Barrett, Thang N

Kirwan, Peter


Party Details


Wilson, Valezca

Vers, Valezca


Medical Staffing Network

Cross Country Staffing

Med Staff Inc.

Cross Country Staffing, Inc

Attorney/Law Firm Details

Plaintiff Attorney

Navarette, Arthur Albert

Defendant Attorney

Markelov, Aleksandr

Court Documents

Court documents are not available for this case.


Docket Entries

  • 03/23/2021
  • DocketConference: Further Case Management - Judicial Officer: Kirwan, Peter; Hearing Time: 10:00 AM; Cancel Reason: Vacated; Comment: C/F 9-22-20

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  • 10/21/2020
  • DocketRestored to court's control

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  • 10/21/2020
  • DocketRemoval to Federal Court - Comment: by Def Cross Country Staffing, Inc.

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  • 10/16/2020
  • DocketAnswer (Unlimited) (Fee Applies) - Comment: Defendant Cross Country Staffing, Inc.'s Answer to Plaintiff Valezca Wilson's Complaint; Atty: Markelov

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  • 10/01/2020
  • DocketProof of Service: Summons DLR (Civil) - Comment: Proof of Service of Summons/Complaint

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  • 09/22/2020
  • DocketConference: Case Management - Judicial Officer: Barrett, Thang N; Hearing Time: 10:00 AM; Result: Held; Comment: *continued from 6-2-20*

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  • 09/22/2020
  • DocketMinute Order

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  • 09/21/2020
  • DocketStatement: Case Management Conference - Comment: HRG 09-22-2020 Case Management Statement

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  • 06/02/2020
  • DocketConference: Case Management - Judicial Officer: Mikkelsen, Laurie; Hearing Time: 3:45 PM; Cancel Reason: Vacated

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  • 01/31/2020
  • DocketComplaint (Unlimited) (Fee Applies)

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  • 01/31/2020
  • DocketSummons: Issued/Filed

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  • 01/31/2020
  • DocketCivil Case Cover Sheet

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