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Case Summary

On 01/09/2023 CALIFORNIA WATER CURTAILMENT CASES was filed as an Other lawsuit. This case was filed in California Supreme Court, California Supreme Court located in Statewide, California. The case status is Disposed - Other Disposed.
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Case Details

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  • Case Status:

    Disposed - Other Disposed

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  • County, State:

    Statewide, California


Party Details

Appellants and Plaintiffs

Byron-Bethany Irrigation District

Patterson Irrigation District

San Joaquin Tributaries Authority

Banta-Carbona Irrigation District

Oakdale Irrigation District

The West Side Irrigation District

South San Joaquin Irrigation District

Central Delta Water Agency

South Delta Water Agency

Respondents and Defendants

California State Water Resources Control Board

California Department of Water Resources

State Water Contractors

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Attorney/Law Firm Details

Appellant and Plaintiff Attorneys

Theresa Carole Barfield

Michael Eldon Vergara

Jeanne Marie Zolezzi

Karna Elizabeth Harrigfeld

Janelle Sue Krattiger

Steven A. Herum

Valerie Cornwall Kincaid

Tim O'Laughlin

Timothy J. Wasiewski

Daniel Allen McDaniel

Jennifer Lynn Spaletta

Dante John Nomellini

Stephen Dean Ruiz

John Henry Herrick

Respondent and Defendant Attorneys

Clifford Lee

Tracy Lynn Winsor

Matthew George Bullock

Allison Ernestine Goldsmith

Carolyn Nelson Rowan

Laura Julie Zuckerman

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Docket Entries

  • 02/27/2023
  • DocketDescription: Note: Mail returned and re-sent

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  • 02/15/2023
  • DispositionDescription: Publication request denied

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  • 02/15/2023
  • DocketDescription: Publication request denied (case closed)

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  • 01/09/2023
  • DocketDescription: Case start date (publication request)

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  • 01/04/2023
  • DocketDescription: Received:; Notes: Letter from respondent dated January 4, 2023

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  • 12/13/2022
  • DocketDescription: Request for publication filed (initial case entry); Notes: Plaintiff and Appellant: Byron-Bethany Irrigation District Attorney: Theresa Carole Barfield Plaintiff and Appellant: Patterson Irrigation District Attorney: Theresa Carole Barfield Plaintiff and Appellant: Banta-Carbona Irrigation District Attorney: Theresa Carole Barfield Plaintiff and Appellant: Central Delta Water Agency Attorney: Dante John Nomellini Attorney: Theresa Carole Barfield Plaintiff and Appellant: South Delta Water Agency Attorney: Theresa Carole Barfield *** The Court of Appeal, 6th Appellate District recommends the opinion not be published on the ground it does not meet the standards of publication. ***

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  • 11/18/2022
  • DocketCourt of Appeal District/Division: Sixth Appellate District; Court of Appeal Case Number: H047927; Disposition: Reversed & Remanded to trial court w/directions; Trial Court: Santa Clara County Superior Court; Trial Court Case Number: 115CV285182

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