This case was last updated from Merced County Superior Courts on 12/12/2021 at 18:05:20 (UTC).

People of the State of California, Plaintiff(s) vs. Jonathan William Sommerfeld, Defendant(s)

Case Summary

On 10/13/2021 People of the State of California, Plaintiff s filed an Other - Other Criminal lawsuit against Jonathan William Sommerfeld, Defendant s. This case was filed in Merced County Superior Courts, New Merced Courthouse located in Merced, California. The Judges overseeing this case are Foster, David, Ash, Carol, Lo, Paul and Kirihara, John. The case status is Pending - Other Pending.

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Case Details

  • Case Number:


  • Filing Date:


  • Case Status:

    Pending - Other Pending

  • Case Type:

    Other - Other Criminal

  • County, State:

    Merced, California

Judge Details


Foster, David

Ash, Carol

Lo, Paul

Kirihara, John


Party Details


People of the State of California


Sommerfeld, Jonathan William

Attorney/Law Firm Details

Plaintiff Attorneys

Boyer, Kayla A

Keller, Maureen Ann

McReynolds, Stacey Alyn

Defendant Attorneys

Foster, Douglas

Akbari, Tabasum

Court Documents

Court documents are not available for this case.


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