#TaxDay – UniCourt’s Database to Include U.S. Tax Court Filings

#TaxDay – UniCourt’s Database to Include U.S. Tax Court Filings

UniCourt pledges to expand its coverage of court data to include the U.S. Tax Courts by the end of this year. We already cover all the Federal District, Bankruptcy and Appellate Courts (PACER), so U.S. Tax Courts is an obvious next step for us.

Tax attorneys and really anyone wanting access to U.S. Tax Court data will benefit from the easy access to public court records that the UniCourt platform provides.

UniCourt is committed to providing better access to court records overall. Including records from U.S. Tax Courts is entirely consistent with our mission. We are excited to be taking on this project and to extend our reach as we continue to connect people to public court records.

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UniCourt connects people to court records. We are on a two-fold mission to organize court records and make them universally accessible and useful, and to help our customers use court data to find and retain clients and grow their business.